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With new information frequently available, veterinary medicine is in a constant state of growth. Regular preventive care allows us to communicate with you about updated medical treatments. This helps in maintaining and improving your pet’s health.


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Dr. Saleem Qaiser

Dr. Saleem Qaiser


Dr. Saleem Qaisar has over 20 years’ experience in general small animal veterinary medicine and surgery. He also has many years of teaching and management experience which he gained through a member of the selection board and selection committee in different veterinary universities. He is an Assistant Professor in the Anatomy department of the University of Veterinary and Animals Sciences Lahore. He has been served as Head of the Department of Anatomy and Histology department. He has a special interest in feline and canine medicine and surgery and improving the quality of life in older pets. He is a practice owner of Modern Pets Hospital.

By Offering Conscientious Care for Pets

We strive to provide a service that meets the needs of your entire family – through our medical expertise, unusually high level of customer service, and educational support. At The Vet Clinic, it is our hope to exceed your expectations with every visit!


Preventive Health Care & Immunization

Annual preventive care with a licensed veterinarian is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your pet(s) live longer, healthier lives and enjoy their time with you to the fullest. We will enhance the health and well being of all animals.

Latest Pets News

Spaying, Surgery and Laser Therapy are No Longer a Problem

We offer spaying, neutering, and different surgeries. This is a non-invasive way to help your pet heal faster from things like ear infections, surgical sites, or broken bones. It helps to regenerate nerve tissue after surgery.


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